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Welcome to the Gilith OpenTheory repo, which is currently storing 54 theory packages. Each theory package contains a collection of theorems together with their proofs. The proofs have been broken down into the primitive inferences of higher order logic, allowing them to be checked by computer.

This web interface is provided to help browse through the available packages, but the recommended way of downloading and processing theory packages is to use the opentheory package management tool. For more information on OpenTheory please refer to the project homepage.

Recently Uploaded Packages [more]

base-1.204 — The standard theory library
Uploaded 2 weeks ago by Joe Leslie-Hurd

set-1.76 — Set types
Uploaded 2 weeks ago by Joe Leslie-Hurd

hol-base-1.2 — HOL basic theories
Uploaded 8 weeks ago by HOL OpenTheory Packager